Thursday, December 12, 2013

Raining DIP N DOTS

First off, my trainer. Elder Pimentel is a 5' 8" white guy who has been waiting on a visa to Brazil, Fortaleza for 6 months. He isn't too happy about that. His name means something like "quick to anger" or "quick to hotness," which is a little ironic, because he is a very mellow guy. He's a really great missionary, and I'm really glad I got him as a trainer. Plus, we will probably see each other in Fortaleza, which is pretty awesome! He opened the area we are serving in right now (Twin Falls West Two), so he knows many of the people. It's a little difficult right now, because the Elders in the area before us didn't make any records, so we have no idea where to start. We have been going around to people that Elder P. knew previously, and checking up on their progress. This mission is almost entirely a referral mission, because of the amount of members, and because tracting would not be fun in the rural areas (which is pretty much the whole mission). Nevertheless, Elder P. and I have already had a few really funny experiences. 

 There is also some crazy weather. The third day out here, my bike got a flat tire (great way to start the day!), and we had to walk much of the day. While we were walking, there was a random storm of.... dippin-dots. No joke. It snowed unflavored dippin-dots on us. It must somehow be related to all the nitrogen given off by the potatoes.... Sorta like how radiation causes all sorts of crazy stuff with everything. Yeah, potatoes are like nuclear fallout. 

Anyway, I have to go now. Talk to you all next week! Tchau! 

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