Monday, June 30, 2014

Pres. Souza's FAREWELL

This week was a rush. Elder Imperador and I didn't get much done, because we had two weddings to arrange, Brazil's game against Chile, and President Souza's farewell. Basically, it was the most unproductive week of my mission so far. However, it was quite fun.

Our President's last Zone Conference was quite a show. At various points of the conference, and between all of President and Sister Souza's great talks, and the training sessions with the Assistants, random missionaries got up to sing songs to beloved President Souza and his wife. There were about fifteen performances of the sort, and they were all quite entertaining. About half of the songs had re-written lyrics, usually about the funny quirks of Sister Souza's personality. However, the highlight performance came at lunch. In the middle of the gym, a bunch of Elders and Sisters got up to sing President Souza's favorite song. Now, you all need to understand that he REALLY likes this song. He actually likes it well enough that he plays it for the whole mission every single Zone Conference. And thus, it is very well known around the mission. The song, "He's My Brother," is from the seventies, and appears to have been a much bigger hit here in Brazil than it was in the USA. Literally about every Brazilian I've met knows this song. 

Anyway, our progress in the area is coming along slowly, but I'm hoping to see some improvement soon. As long as we keep working a lot, I'm sure that we can find those people that have been prepared to hear the good news of the Gospel. 

Oh yeah! One last thing. On our ride downtown, to mark the date of Regina and Epitacio's wedding, N'Sync's old hit Bye, Bye, Bye played on the radio. That was pretty funny. For those of you that don't know, this song has some history in my family, and it was really weird to hear it in an entirely different country. Who would've ever thought that 90's Boy Band's still exist in Brazil?

Well, that's all for this week! See you all later!

Elder Bishop

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