Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Soccer: 2014 in Fortaleza

Well, things were a little different this week. Elder Imperador and I were still able to work a lot, but the World Cup has started here. President Souza ordered all the missionaries here to stay in the house during any of Brazil's games, or during any game that they have here in the stadium in Fortaleza. This week Brazil had their first game, against Croatia. The whole city was literally dead for about two hours. Except for the unanimous roar of every single person alive here whenever Brazil scored. Yeah, people like their soccer here.
Elder Imperador and I are finding a ton of families that are really excited about the gospel, but literally every single one of them are not married! This isn't too common, but since our area is a little poorer than the rest, many people here are not married only because of financial issues. However, we have two marraiges coming up soon! Vitor and Naiane are going to get married (whooo!!!), and we were able to convince Epitacio (finally!) to get married to Regina. I'm super excited for this! Their marraige will be a real strong testimony of prayer. Literally Regina and all the kids (Gustavo, Larissa, Emily, and Felipe) have been praying for months for the Lord to help Epitacio accept marraige. Regina has been wanting to be baptized for a long time now, and finally the way is opening up to allow her to acheive this goal! I am one hundred and one percent sure that these blessings are starting to arrive in Regina's life because of her diligence in prayer. I've already seen many fruits of prayer myself, and it's even more wonderful to see God responding to the prayers of my investigators.

Left to right: Me, Larissa, Emily, Gustavo, Cleiton, Francinaldo, Brena, Leandro, Baby, Elder Brooks
Well, that's all for this week! See you all later!
Elder Bishop

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