Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Change of companions: Elder Arana

Well, my new companion is awesome. Elder Arana is a real worker! This transfer is going to be absolute joy. In our area this week, we absolutely destroyed! We both worked our butts off and ended teaching a ton of lessons! We´ve set pretty high goals for this transfer, so we´re going to follow up with our goals by acheiving the highest standard possible for our companionship. We´re going to test our limits and see what happens! I can´t lie and say I´m not physically exhausted after this first week, however the work pays off. I´m sure I will never regret giving this last push of effort on my mission.

Unfortunately, there isn´t much to report about this week. However there were a few hilarious and crazy experiences. There was one night that we were walking down some badly lit road, and there was this really annoying dog that kept barking and chasing after us. We made this little juke to set the dog running. It actually worked, except that there were about seven other ticked off dogs that came out of nowhere. Stray dogs here are a real pain. All these dogs started barking and growling and snapping at us, so we just started running. And naturally, they started chasing us. I was quite frightened. We managed to escape the mini pack of dogs, and now this whole experience has become a wonderful joke in between Elder Arana and I. 

On a lighter note, we also found a toad the size of a small cat, on the same road! This road is full of strange happenings. I think we are going to stop walking there.

Ward conference was this week. It was real cool to see our stake president talk. I was very glad that he was so attentive to the missionary work. He made sure to make our investigators all feel welcome, and actually socialized with them a little bit. It´s always wonderful to see help from the leadership. 

Our recent converts are all super firm, and I´m happy with their progress. We are going to start teaching lessons with Silvio and his family, as they have developed such a wonderful testimony.

And that´s it!

Até mais!

Elder Bispo

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