Monday, June 8, 2015


Welp, Elder Peressute will be transferred to finish the training of another Elder. He asked the President to train someone, so he´s super happy. My new companion will be Elder Arana! This will be his first transfer as Zone Leader, so I´m going to have to show him the ropes. I´m super excited to be his companion. I got to know him, as he served in the Ômega ward after I left. He´s pretty awesome.

This week was AMAZING for our zone. Presdent Bonini is really happy with us. Basically, every week all the missionaries have to pass by how many baptism dates they have marked for the week, and it´s our responsibility to help these baptisms happen. This week the zone baptized more than we had baptism dates. So the President is ecstatic. I am super happy with our zone. They´re the best!

I am also super happy with our work! I´m loving our area. We found a new family that appears to be extremely good. They follow up super well with all of their commitments. I´m sure they will accept baptism. We also found a young woman that has accepted baptism and is super firm in her word. However, she wasn´t able to go to church yesterday because she got locked in her home! Her mom left early in the morning and took the only copy of the keys. I am very excited for this transfer.

Our zone has changed quite a lot. Many people in the zone will now be serving as leaders on the mission. So the challenges will be quite new. However, I´m confident that Elder Arana and I will be able to help our zone this transfer. 

Daqui a pouco!

Elder Bispo

Hey Mom! 

The story behind my hair is pretty funny. Although I like how it turned out. Basically, we went to cut our hair, and there´s a less active here that cuts hair for free. I told her to be careful not to cut my hair too short, because of my coulick. Well, I don´t think she took my advice pretty serious. My hair cut turned out pretty awful. So I´m styling my hair like that until everything grows back to normal. However, I´m liking the new look!

Being Zone Leader has brought more responsibilities, however it´s basically the same as district leader, except with more missionaries to take care of. Also, we have a lot more contact with the Assistents and the President. It´s nice to finally get to know my leaders better. 

The public transportation here is pretty easy. You just have to know how to ask directions, and you can get anywhere!

Of course I remember Johnson´s Shut-ins! Full of hillbillies and fun! 

Wow, I miss high adventure! Sounds like they´re in for loads of fun. I can´t believe they´re going to go caving! I always begged to go caving on high adventure, but it was never approved. Great to hear that they´ll be able to cave now.

WOW! Everyone is getting home! Tell Jake and Alex to send me some emails in Portuguese!

As soon as the church pays our itinerary the mission office lets us know, so nothing has happened yet. However, I believe it will come this transfer.


Elder Bispo

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 9:08 AM, Stephanie Bishop <> wrote:
Dear Elder Bishop.         JUNE 7

What a fantastic picture of Silvio, Luzirene, and Nicole´s baptism. I see such joy, commitment and purity in their faces. I am also amazed at your maturity and growth!! Your appearance has certainly grown and evolved!! You are a very handsome young man with awesome hair!!! I imagine that wearing a FULL suit is rare and that when you wore your suit you were very hot in the 86° weather.

Your duties as zone leader have certainly taught you many things. I imagine that your organizational skills and travel skills have improved due to these responsibilities. Your familiarization with the city is a great benefit to you as you travel and meet with other missionaries and other converts to conduct interviews. Are you able to use the public transportation systems without problems now?  I look forward to some of the stories that you will share of the specifics of this travel.

We are enjoying a rainy summer so far. Each day it has rained for the last month. The trees, flowers, and shrubs and other living things are beautiful and green. We hardly have had to water the plants that I have planted. Carson and Jesse are happy to not have to do that Chore.

This is a busy and fun week for Carson and dad. They, along with seven other young men will travel to southern Missouri and participate in outdoor activities including zip line caving and a outdoor water park called Johnson's shut-ins. Our family went there when you were about 10 years old. Do you remember floating down the river and sliding on smooth rocks into a shallow pool? It is quite a remarkable natural wonder. I hope they survive because the heat will be rising this week and the bugs and the tics will surely be biting.

Jesse and I will enjoy our three days together.  Somehow we will make it through.

Alex Evans arrived home safely this past weekend. We  will look forward to hearing him speak next Sunday. Chaz Suby also arrived home last week to his family in Utah. Jake Hershey arrived home several months ago and is here in Kansas.

When will you know your itinerary for getting back to Kansas?  It would be helpful to know the date and the airline and the timing of your arrival.

We love you and pray for your success and safety each day. We are so proud of our Brazilian missionary.

Love MOM

Stephanie E. Bishop

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