Monday, June 22, 2015

JUNE 2015

Our week was cool. We´re still working our butts off here in Tancredo Neves. This week we found some great new people that surely will progress to baptism. We´re awfully excited to help these new investigators.

This week we had our leadership counsel, and I got to see Elder Imperador. He´s doing great! President Bonini gave a training about following-up with our zones. I thought it was awesome, and definitely something that I will be able to use in work and life and stuff. The mission is cool that way.

I went on exchanges this week with one of the Elders of our zone. We went about to help a few men get themselves prepared for baptism. They both have already showed a lot of desire to be baptized. With our responsibilities as leaders, Elder Arana and I have taken into hand that we need to help our Zone in such ways as this. 

The next day in the area, we ate PANCAKES! With maple syrup! I can´t believe how long it has been since I ate real pancakes. Oh the small joys of the little things in life.


Elder Bispo

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