Monday, June 1, 2015

I hardly recognize ELDER BISHOP...

Hey family, friends, and future friends! Our week was super duper awesome and jam packed of stuff for us. We were running all around in our zone this week, because there were lots of baptism interviews for us to do. Silvio, Luzirene, Nicole, and Brena were also baptized. Silvio and his family are super happy, and so are we. Brena is also very happy. For those that have not heard about Brena, she is the daughter of a recent convert that we starting teaching two weeks ago.

Silvio, Luzirene, and Nicole´s baptism was great! They were all shining, and the ward was all super excited for them. Everything worked out great, and we are extremely happy that we were able to be part of the conversion process of such a wonderful family. Sunday, their confirmations went real smooth also, and Luzirene´s mom came to watch.

Brena has showed an amazing growth in her road to baptism, and she has really surprised us with her wonderful commitment to all of our invites! We are really happy to have been able to baptize one more member of this family. Our former Assistent to the President is the one that baptized Neide, Brena´s mom. Now Elder Millet (the Assistent) has been asking us for Brena´s baptism pics. It´s great to see everyone´s joy over one more soul that has entered into God´s fold.

See you all later!

Elder Bispo

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