Monday, August 17, 2015

16 DAYS!!!

This week was great! Elder Arana and I are working hard, and the work is paying off. We found a few families that are less active, and we are working hard to reactivate them. This week, Cadu and Caio were baptized from these two families. This marking event surely will be a great support for these families. We are praying a lot so that these families can enjoy the fullness of the gospel once again.

Cadu and Caio have been going to church every week with their aunt. Elder Arana and I were completely unaware that the two hadn´t been baptized. However, during the lunch lesson we had with their aunt, Maria de Carmo, the Holy Ghost spoke strongly to Maria to talk about these two families. We got their addresses and began to teach them. This was when we met Caio and Cadu. They both accepted the baptimal invite, and their parents supported their decisions. 

Cadu and Caio´s baptism was full of the Spirit. They both expressed such excitement to be baptized, and afterwards they started jumping up and down with joy. These boys are an example for their families. We are very excited to work more with these families to help them establish their foundations in Christ.

This next week will be my last Zone Conference, and an Area Seventy will be there! Go team!

Até mais, pessoal.

Elder Bispo

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