Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello everyone! This past week we had Zone Conference, where I gave my last testimony to the whole mission. That was nuts. Also Erizeldo was baptized on Tuesday. It was a very happy occasion.

Zone Conference was very spiritual and very inspired. I felt very proud of how well my mission has developed. However, the whole time I was feeling pretty sick. I got a fever and a bad headache during the conference, and I was feeling nauseous also. Then all the missionaries that are going home were called to give their last testimonies. And I was almost one of the last to bear my testimony! I was very afraid of going up to the pulpit just to toss my cookies on everyone. That wouldn´t be a very desireable testimony. Fortunately, everything worked out all right, and when it came time to bear my testimony, I felt full of the Spirit. Many of my words were not my own. I know that the Lord works through us to fulfill his great and marvelous tasks. 

Erizeldo was baptized! We were so excited to be able to see his baptism. He asked us a little while ago if he could be baptized on the day of his son´s birthday. Erizeldo wanted to give such a present to his son. Erizeldo´s son, João Erick, is a recent convert of a little over a year, and he has literally brought salvation to his family. It was through the efforts of João Erick that Erizeldo decided to investigate the church again. Erizeldo´s testimony has also come from the wonderful example that his son has given to the rest of the family. So, this Tuesday, Erizeldo walked room in the church where the hold seminary dressed in the baptism clothes. João Erick was very excited. The baptism was full of the Holy Spirit of God, and the testimonies given were very inspired. We all ate cake afterwards.

Well, this is my last email. I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about my mission experiences. It´s been a blast. I´ll see you all soon.

Até a próxima semana! Vai ser bom demais!

Élder Bispo

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