Monday, August 3, 2015

4 WEEKS!!!

Hello everyone! This week was the bomb. We found some wonderful new investigators that really felt the spirit in fast and testimony meeting. Our members delivered some amazing testimonies this week. There were a few miracles that happened in the ward this past week, and the testimonies shared on these miracles were absolutely perfect for our investigators. These miracles will be shared to those who desire to hear about them... After my mission! You´ll all have to wait four weeks. Haha!

Anyway, Eriseldo (in previous emails, I had spelled his name wrong as Eliseudo) has finally accepted baptism. Elder Arana and I have been working with him awhile now, and all this time he has shown the required faith and repentance in order to be baptized. However he has still not been baptized. This past week, he finally accepted a date for his baptism, and the whole ward is darn excited. Everyone knows him already because of his son, João Erik. This young man is a wonderful example of member missionary work. He is a convert, and is only fourteen years old. However he has been teaching his whole family about the joys of the gospel. It is only because of his good example, and his diligent work, that his family has begun to accept the truths of the Restored Gospel. Hopefully, I will be here long enough to see the baptism of João Erik´s mother and sister.

See you all later!

Elder Bispo

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