Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Weeeellll folks, this week was super normal. However, we had Zone training on Wednesday, which was real great. Our zone is very excited, and they are very eager to apply what they learned in the training. 

Also, this week we worked a lot with a woman named Cláudia. Cláudia is very excited for baptism. She went to church two weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. Last week we followed up on the baptismal challenge that we had established with her, and she was all ready for baptism. However, she moved to a city in the country! So we went to the mission office today to hand in her teaching record. The mission will then send it to  the Missão Fortaleza Leste, and surely she will be baptized there. It was a great privilege to help her along the path of righteousness.

Other than that, our week was normal. But this next week will be the bomb.

See you all later!

Elder Bispo

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