Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Doing the work of Salvation

First off, my new companion is Elder Andersen. He's actually been on the mission the same amount of time that I have. Unfortunately, his passport didn't get approved until now, and he just got here in Brazil. His portuguese is actually very good for the amount of time that he has here, and he is learning amazingly fast. It's sort of cool to see someone go through the same process that you did in learning a different language. I'm liking it a bunch.

So anyway, Elder Andersen has been serving in the Vancouver, Washington mission, where he was working his tail off. Now that he is here in Brazil, he is also working his tail off. I like him a lot.

Also, the Sister that arrived in our district speaks amazing portuguese. She studied a lot when she was serving in the states, apparently. Unfortunately her name has completely slipped my mind. I should probably work on remembering the names of the missionaries in my district.

Well, this week was a bunch of chaos, with the new missionaries coming in, so nothing really happened in terms of the work here in Ala Autran Nunes. However, with all the going in and out of the mission office, I got to see and talk to a bunch of Elders that I've gotten to know. I was also able to talk to the Elders that are serving in Ala Omega, and I learned something awesome. Everyone remember that one golden family that we found the last week there in Ala Omega? Well, Rafaela, the wife, was baptized recentely. Her sister was also baptized in the neighboring ward. And the husband, Mailson, is on date now to be baptized as well. I was super happy to hear about that.

And that's my week. Tchau!

Elder Bishop

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