Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Birthday,--from Carson

September 8, 2014
Happy Birthday Hunter!
I hope you're having a great time on your mission, teaching people the gospel like a BOSS. So a lot has happened since I last wrote to you (and before that as well), so I’ll try to get through it all as fast as I can.
First off, a week or two before going to EFY, I gave up my vow to not play Skyrim again, and I started a new game, naming my character Ymbert Phillips III (Ymbert is a legit Middle Ages name trust me the internet told me so it has to be true). I haven’t gotten very far in the game due to having a crap ton of work, but it’s pretty fun. While we’re on the topic of videogames, I must also add… You know that old game, Odd World, that we lost a long time ago, then we found it again, then lost it a second time? Well, I was wanting to watch Shaun of the Dead, but we couldn’t find it, so naturally I was reminded of Odd World, which I had also spent countless hours searching for. In my search for Shaun of the Dead, and partly Odd World, I found all the old ps2 game cases, along with our old ps2 that broke. Naturally, I was really excited. I took the box with the game cases in them, and sure enough Odd World was in there! Yaaaaay- wait a minute… I took the case out of the box, unable to quell my excitement…… AND THE CASE WAS EMPTY. It was like the game was just mocking me at this point. I frantically searched through all the other game cases, but alas, Odd World was not among them. I thought of looking in the old ps2, but decided it would probably not be in there, and I didn’t want to be let down again. Then a few weeks later (after we had bought a new copy of Shaun of the Dead and I watched it with dad), Brandon and Alison came to visit. I had sent a text to Brandon when the incident had occurred, so he knew about it, and I decided to show him the box so he could share further in my pain. When I mentioned the old ps2 and how I thought there was a teensy chance it was in there, he was like, “Well, why don’t you check it?” I told him the same reason I wrote down earlier, and Brandon just said, “If there’s a chance, you should exploit it” (note: not a direct quote). So I took his advice, found the cable for the old ps2, plugged it in, opened it up, and guess what was inside? FREAKIN’ ODD WORLD, SUCKA!!! I was overjoyed! Since Brandon and Alison were over and we were doing stuff, I had to wait to play it, but boy was it worth it. That game is AWESOME! It’s even better than I thought it was.
            Another thing I just wanted to mention: quite a while ago, I discovered Ryan Higa via Landon telling me to watch his videos, and he is now one of my favorite YouTubers. Just thought you should know.
            Getting off the subject of electronics, I finally read Ender’s Game after all these years. I’m actually glad I waited, because I wouldn’t have understood the moral dilemmas in it had I continued reading when I first started reading it. I just wish I hadn’t watched the movie first, because it totally ruined the plot twist. Same thing with Speaker for the Dead, except it was Orson Scott Card himself who ruined the plot twist in that book for me. Note to self: if you see an introduction in one of Card’s books, don’t read it. But yeah. Those books are pretty dang awesome. And I am not ashamed to admit that I may or may not have cried a little at certain points in both stories (aka when Ender writes the Hegemon and Marc√£o’s speaking). But you would probably enjoy re-reading at least Speaker, if not for the fact that there’s a lot of random Portuguese scattered around the book. And the fact that it’s an amazing book. I wanted to get Xenocide and Children of the Mind, but I get the feeling dad doesn’t want to buy any books, so I just checked Xenocide out of the school library, and I didn’t even get to the 8th page before a character who had been introduced at the beginning of the book was dead. It was rather sad.
            I almost forgot! School! I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but Doc retired last year (the horror!), so we have a new assistant band director now (her name is Mrs. Wells), and Mr. Freeman is the new band director. So I have band first hour, algebra 2 second hour with Mr. Phifer, Spanish third hour with Mrs. Trigg, history of the western world with a new teacher name Mrs. Cornell, Health fifth hour with Mr. Attig, ELA sixth hour with a new teacher named Mrs. Klote, and Field Biology seventh hour with Mr. Ollig. Speaking of Field Biology, we had to catch and identify an animal that was not a vertebrae from a grassland. I ended up just going to Summercrest Park and catching my bug there. I caught a differential grasshopper and named it (though further research has shown that it is female) Lord Hoppington of Summercrest. Deep thought and consideration went into that name. But this project has once again made me want a pet, as Lord Hoppington of Summercrest is a pretty awesome individual. If only I could convince mom and dad to get us one… Aw well.
            So last Friday there was a rock concert sponsored by the radio station The Buzz. The title of this concert was Buzz Beach Ball (due to the fact that there were about 3 or 4 beach balls being hit around the audience). It was held at the Sporting Stadium, and featured 12 alternative bands, the most popular of which were The Mowglis (who were pretty awesome), The 1975 (the lead singer was WAY too profane in between songs for me to enjoy them), and (brace yourself) THE ARCTIC MONKEYS AND WEEZER!!! Dad bought tickets for him and me, we went, and it was AWESOME! And, also the first rock concert I’ve ever been to. I also have a bunch of new bands to look up now; it’s pretty sweet. Well, have a great birthday (that is, if you're able to read this today), and keep baptizing everybody you see! Your bro,

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