Monday, September 8, 2014

First DISTRICT Leader Training

So, this week was quite exciting. Two weeks as a District Leader and crazy things have happened.

First off, it's hard. But it's also fun. I am the district leader of four sisters. Well, I was. Now it's just three. One of my sisters got extremely sick and had to go home. I really hope the district was able to help her feel alright. It was really hard for her.

Also, I gave my first training! For those of you that don't know, the "District Meetings" is actually with our Zone, which is made up of about 14 Elders, and 7 Sisters. The district leaders conduct the meetings, give trainings, and that sort of stuff. The Zone Leaders give counseling from the President, and share other tidbits of stuff. And this week, I got to stand up in front of everyone and teach how to effectively teach and preach the Gospel. Now, before the mission I would say this sort of thing would've been impossible for me. Normally I'm very nervous in front of large groups of people. There's nothing like the mission to get rid of stage fright! Anyway, I taught about the role of prayer in the conversion of the investigators, and the future members. The training was well recieved, and it went pretty smooth. It was actually pretty fun.

This week, we will be preparing Lusyleine and Desirre for baptism! They are really great. Unfortunately, Lusyleine's husband hasn't been taking the challenges to go to church, and hasn't been progressing. Hopefully the baptism of his wife and daughter will stir up some motivation for him to seek the truth!

Also, we found a really great family, and they're married! I see great things for them in their search for happiness.

And that was my week!

Elder Bishop


Thanks so much! I never thought I'd be a missionary that felt trunky, but it's inevitable. I miss you all so much! Having a birthday on the mish is really leaving me a sorry sop.

It will be a little hard to buy something cool for me, because only dowtown has cool stuff, but I will most definitely get something so I can say that I did!

I love you so much, Mom! 

Elder Bishop

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