Monday, September 29, 2014

Week of joy

Hello everyone! Elder Andersen and I are pressing forward with the work and all that stuff. And the week was good.

This week we were able to work a bit more than the last week, and we found some pretty awesome people! Also, I interviewed one of the Sisters' investigators to be baptized. First time! But let's get to that later.

We were blessed this week to find two people that really have desires to be baptized. The first one, Venicius, flat out stopped us in the road and asked us if he could get a Book of Mormon, and if we could teach him more about the Church. And the second is an even cooler story.

Hortência, a past investigator of the Elders in Ala Fernandes Távora (neighboring ward) recently moved to our area. The only problem was that she moved very suddenly, and the other Elders had no idea about the move. So we were walking in our area one day, on Hortencia's road, and she stops us to talk. She says to us "Hey, I was taking the lessons from the Elders in another ward, and they marked a baptismal date with me. I was wondering if that date will still work here." I then had to restrain my inner instinct to randomly dance and shout for joy. She will most definitely become a good and strong member of the church, however, she has a few things that the President says she needs to resolve first, so her baptism will have to be set up for a later date.

And my first baptismal interview! Sister Lucas and Sister Pinche, of our district, found a wonderful family of a less active member that had served a mission, and his wife that had already been taught all the commandments (and was keeping them when the Sisters found her). And so, the Sisters invited the two to church, to which they both accepted and fulfilled, and from there marked the baptism! Which means that I, as the District Leader, would give the baptismal interview. Thankfully, this first of my biggest responsibility went very well. This woman was very well prepared for the next step in her progression, that of the baptism, and so it was quite easy to ask her the needed questions, and talk about the needed commandments. In fact, in the actual interview I think that I must have been a little more nervous than her. However everything went well, and I'm very happy that this woman, whose name has quite slipped my mind, was able to recieve the ordinance of baptism, and to be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And that was my week. Tchau!

Elder Bishop

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